Who I am and what I’m doing here

Pensive Andy is where I (Andy) will post observations on the state of the world, musings on philosophy or theology or history, and other things that are generally intended for a thoughtful audience that may include people who don’t know me personally. The main focus and posting schedule for this blog have yet to be determined, but I’ll try and remember to update this page once I’ve got those things more or less sorted out, and again as they change over time.

A note about comments

I welcome your comments, so please do leave them. Whether you agree with me or not, whether you like what I’ve said or not, whether you understand what I’ve said or not, I’ll probably want to hear from you.

Please try to keep your comments constructive, respectful, and relevant to the discussion at hand. Most of you will probably be fine, as far as that sort of thing goes, but it needs to be said anyway. Comments that, in my sole judgment, are hateful, malicious, sexually explicit, or otherwise offensive; carry viruses or other malicious code; consist of spam, advertisements, or other unsolicited commercial content; or are otherwise inappropriate for this blog will be removed, and commenters who persist in posting such comments may be banned from commenting. If you see a comment that you think violates these rules and ought to be removed, let me know and I’ll consider it; I may decide the comment belongs here after all, or I may decide you’re right and remove it.


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