What I did this weekend, or Why my brain now hates my guts

All right, I didn’t post this past Friday, which means I missed another weekday in my Lent 2014 goal of posting something to this blog every weekday that I wasn’t traveling. But that’s OK, really, because the time I’d planned to post an entry was instead occupied by an impromptu game of Arkham Horror at a friend’s house. To me, that’s an acceptable reason to miss a post.

It also led to a rather interesting Saturday morning, but for that I need to back up a bit.

For a couple of weeks now I’d been planning to have my Bible study group over for a game night. We talked among ourselves and decided that it’d work best as a game afternoon, to be held this past Saturday and capped off with dinner.

Then some friends of mine texted to invite me to their daughter’s third birthday party, to be held this past Saturday morning. All right, I figured; my Bible study group wasn’t coming over until the afternoon, so I could go to the party and then duck out at some convenient point to wolf down lunch and finish the cleaning. But that meant I’d have to get the rest of the cleaning done by Friday evening, since I wouldn’t have Saturday morning to do it. Fair enough; I spent much of Friday rendering my apartment habitable to humans, and I figured that when I was done I’d write a post and then enjoy a leisurely Friday evening before having to go be social. (I’m an introvert, so sometimes I have to pace myself with the social stuff.)

Then around 5:30 on Friday I got a text from a friend, unconnected to the three-year-old’s family or the Bible study group, who said she and her husband were having another couple over to play Arkham and would I like to join them? Of course I would. I had seen these friends a few weeks ago, but we hadn’t played Arkham together in almost a year, and I’d had to decline a game night invitation from them the previous weekend when I was out of town. But I had to finish the cleaning first, so I texted back that I’d be late but I’d try to get there anyway.

All well and good, and eventually I did make it to my friends’ house and we played a rather enjoyable game. For those of you who don’t know Arkham Horror and haven’t followed the link I included above, I’ll say briefly that it’s a cooperative strategy game based on the stories of H.P. Lovecraft (of “Call of Cthulhu” fame, if that helps). Players equip themselves with a variety of items and weapons and spells and what-not, then run around town trying to kill various monsters and close gates to other worlds so the big boss-monster doesn’t come to earth and eat everybody. Saturday’s game was a real nail-biter, too: we eventually won, but if any of a dozen things hadn’t broken our way over the last few rounds, we’d have been toast.

Games of Arkham tend to run a few hours, and ours finally wrapped up a little after 2:00 AM. I’d thought about bowing out early, but I wanted to see it through, so I stuck around. By the time I got home and got to bed, it was almost 3:00.

And I had to get up around 7:30 to make sure I was properly showered, dressed, and caffeinated before the birthday party. I made it, but let me tell you: After staying up until 3:00 the night before because of a long horror-themed board game that involved fighting monsters, losing sanity, and all manner of scary stuff, coloring butterflies with a dozen two- to five-year-olds was either a total contrast to or a perfect continuation of the previous evening’s activities, I’m still not sure which.

Either way, though, my brain felt very much like it had suddenly been forced to shift gears without a clutch. Also, thank heavens for coffee.


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