What’s this blog all about?

That remains to be seen, frankly.

I’d like to make this a forum for observations on the state of the world, musings on history or theology or philosophy, and things like that. If Facebook is where I share … not that much, really, and LiveJournal is where I share the angst of daily life with a relatively small group of friends (What? Isn’t that what LJ is for?), WordPress will be where I post stuff intended for thoughtful people who may or may not ever have met me.

At least, that’s the plan–but I went ahead and signed up for a blog here without first thinking through what exactly I wanted to do with it, so this first post is more a placeholder than anything. I do want to establish a theme and a schedule for my posts, but it may take some time and experimentation before I get there. Stay tuned for the interesting bits.

Meanwhile, if by some chance you’ve found this blog while this is still its only entry, I’ll be curious how you came across it, so please do leave a comment to that effect.